Waves Vienna 2019/2017, Jazz Fest Wien 2017, Volksstimmefest 2019/2017,Fade In Festival 2005 - 2009, Overlive Festival. Michael Gira, Jarboe, Woven Hand, Owen Pallet, Spiritual Front, Dorit Chrysler, Leyya, Dapunksportif, Murdering Tripping Blues, D3Ö, Carlos Bica, Mario Delgado, Baby Dee, Mazgani, Born A Lion, Nuno Rancho, The Legendary Tiger Man, Vicious Five, Green Machine, Combichrist, Lucy and The Popsonics, Sean Riley And The Slowriders, Dead Combo, Warren Suicide, Planningtorock, Pain Is, Parenthetical Girls, APSE, IYI, Axel Schindler, QNTAL, Bela Emerson, Any Other, The Cesarians, Fia SCo & The Majestics and many other...   

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